European FM Provider Report 2021

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European FM Provider Report


Drees & Sommer Switzerland - Headquarter, Zurich

Chenot Palace, Weggis

Helsana, Zurich

Roche Building 1, Basel

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Asset- and Portfolioanalysis

Your value added:

„You obtain profitable, "working" buildings following a professional analysis of all capital-related factors. You also benefit from effective measures aimed at enhancing the organizational, ecological, economic, and functional performance of your buildings.“

Portfolio Optimization, Regeneration

Your value added?

„You obtain a comprehensive, independent assessment of your possible courses of action from a single source. Our experts cover every aspect, and develop innovative solutions for you that offer the maximum degrees of security and quality – all the way until the property is tenanted or marketed.“


Your value added:

„Benefit from a combination of BIM technology, BIM methodology and goal-oriented processes developed by means of simulations and other methods, and demonstrated in a clear and understandable manner."

Industry-specific Process Consulting

Your value added:

„As user or operator, you obtain a coordinated concept as a reliable decision-making tool for your future corporate strategy or business model. For example, the concept can be used as the basis for organizational restructuring, as well as for any necessary conversion or new construction measures.“

Facility Management Consulting

Your value added:

„We help you obtain lean and efficient processes, along with a legally robust property and operator organization. You also benefit from optimized investment, operating and life cycle costs. We develop a coherent overall concept for your organization, processes and IT.“

General Construction Management

Your value added:

„We turn your construction project into a product that we plan in line with your ideas, and implement without any surprises along the way. Placing your trust in us and in our competent partners will pay dividends in the form of reduced costs, adherence to schedules, and high quality standards.“

General Technical Planning

Your value added:

„We can plan a "feel-good building" for you, featuring economically applied, durable future-oriented technologies. You obtain a high-quality, esthetically attractive product that has been optimized with regard to both energy and costs, making it truly sustainable.“

Site Development

Your value added:

„We make your sites marketable, and therefore more valuable. You only need to involve yourself in this process as much as you wish. With the backing of a well-thought-out business plan, you will always make the right decisions to meet your requirements.“

Integrated Construction Management

Your value added:

„Integral Construction Management ensures perfect implementation of the planned content and schedules on the construction site by the companies involved, along with a high level of quality and adherence to costs. You can rest assured that we will not leave the construction site until we have handed over to you a fully functioning and generally defect-free building.“

Infrastructure Planning & Consulting

Your value added?

„Based on sound analysis and concepts, you obtain an assured basis for your projects. We undertake professional management of the required award and approval processes, financing, and planning and construction implementation, delivering the projects within the stipulated time frame.“

Integrated Urban Solutions

Ihr Mehrwert:

„You obtain integral, future-oriented planning solutions to transform existing districts, or for the redevelopment of urban and commercial districts and industrial locations.“

Lean Construction Management

Your value added:

“Systematic use of Lean Construction Management helps you achieve your goals faster – at significantly lower cost and higher quality. LCM turbocharges effective planning and construction processes – it really pays off."
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Sustainability Consulting

Your value added:

„The outcome from our Sustainability Consulting is a perfect balance between profitability and sustainability. Experience has shown us that Blue Buildings enjoy a high level of acceptance, both internally and externally, without the need for compromise in economic terms.“

Real Estate Consulting

Your value added:

„You obtain lean and efficient processes, along with a legally robust property and operator organization. You always have the correct information to ensure you have a transparent portfolio and can make the right decisions. In addition, you benefit from a coherent overall procedure for organization, processes and IT, together with sector-specific sourcing and operator models."

Real Estate Investment Consulting

Your value added:

„Secured and value-oriented investment decisions over the entire life cycle, as well as effective measures to enhance the performance of your properties by combining technical and real estate expertise.“

Project Management

Your value added:

„On your behalf, we take responsibility for the bulk of your tasks as principal, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We act in an integrated, holistic, and solution-oriented manner. We focus on achieving cost-effectiveness, reliable overall costs, and the maintenance of realistic schedules at the specified levels of quality.“

Project Preparation

Your value added:

„You can rest assured that a project that has been prepared in this way will be able to achieve the targets you have set. This is particularly certain if we jointly select with you the right planning and construction partners as part of the organization.“

Workplace Consulting

Your value added:

„Form follows function! We take a holistic view of workplaces. You obtain customized solutions from a single source that are process-optimized and macro economically efficient. And what is more – thanks to intelligent Change Management – they enjoy a high level of acceptance with your employees.“