Soft landing

Soft landing

Getting started is always hard ... or so you might think. But when young colleagues
start in the Management Services Team (MS), they are provided with everything they need to hit the ground running.

The Management Services Team led by Heike Titze, Jannis Krüger and Jens Schmid have made it their mission to ensure Dreso quality. For Heike Titze, this aspiration has two aspects: Internally, the team ensures that new employees become proficient with the tools necessary for everyday project work at Drees & Sommer. With regard to external quality assurance for projects, the team is responsible for central tools, such as the project management manual and the building database.

“The cadre concept will be implemented internationally with immediate effect.”

Heike Titze, Stuttgart

“With us it’s 100 percent on-the-job training – but that doesn’t mean that new hires spend months drawing up schedules for major project xyz,” says Heike Titze of the approach. New colleagues spend one to two years working on various projects to learn as many aspects of the organization as possible via the magical triangle of cost, schedule and quality – culminating in developing contracts ‘live’. In six feedback sessions with their mentor, the aspiring project managers use the training roadmap to check for gaps in their knowledge and experience that need to be filled. In this way, the MS Team provides a clear basis for the onboarding process.

And it seems to work: “My start in the MS Team was great. Following my initial discussions with management and my mentor, the colleagues briefed me directly on my future projects,” says Oliver Storz of his first four weeks on the team. But a real Dreso does not slavishly work through the syllabus and slog away at the project. Getting the spirit is part of it: “The colleagues here are very open, and you feel welcome from the outset. I get lots of help from my colleagues who also started their careers in the MS Team,” says Oliver Storz. For Stefanie Hillebrand, networking is the major plus: “By working with project leaders from different teams, I was able to get an insight into various industries and build up a good network.”

The Management Services Team has been in Stuttgart for 20 years – and the concept has become a model to be copied. To ensure that Drees & Sommer know-how is passed on in a structured way, more offices have set up MS Teams, and an international network (MSI) has been established.