Aerial photograph of the town of Münsingen, Switzerland

Town of Münsingen, Switzerland, survey of buildings in its portfolio

Drees & Sommer has been commissioned to carry out a survey of the condition of the buildings in the town's portfolio. This survey is the basis for better coordination and prioritization of the investments that may be required, forming the groundwork for dynamic investment planning over subsequent years. The investment planning ensures long-term operation of the buildings. This requires ongoing maintenance and renovation expenditure as well as specific investment in structural alterations and facilities. One of the goals was to ensure that the portfolio is aligned with future user requirements.

Added value

  • Ensuring dynamic, rolling investment planning for the coming years

Project data


Town of Münsingen

Project term:

January - August 2020

Individual Services

  • Steering of the overall process
  • Survey of renovation backlog and derivation of lifecycle costs
  • Rolling repair planning

Location map