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SBB, New construction of the Bözberg tunnel

In order to expand freight traffic and to transport goods faster through Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Railways are implementing a 4-meter corridor on behalf of the Confederation by 2020 (clear height for transporting semi-trailers on trains). The largest single project is the new Bözberg tunnel between Effingen and Schinznach village in the canton of Aargau. With its dimensions, the current tunnel is not suitable for 4 metres.

Work on the new Bözberg tunnel has been running in several stages since 2015 and will be completed by 2020. The old tunnel will then be decommissioned and converted into a service and rescue tunnel. The project costs amount to CHF 350 million.

Drees & Sommer is supporting the overall project management in planning the construction phase.



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Support of the overall project management in planning the construction phase.


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Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB AG


IG BB-N+ c/o Gähler und Partner AG

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2015 – 2022

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