Hospital Center Biel-Bienne – Business Case and Tender Submission Process (Textile Management)

Management has made the strategic fundamental decision to phase out its machine pool and outsource the washing services.

RESO Partners provided guidance and support in the outsourcing process, compiled an overview of costs for the future textile management and implemented the cost optimization potential in the washing management system.

A project of RESO Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Drees & Sommer Group since January 1, 2018.



Added Value

Business Case

  • Proposal of different variants from an economic, social and ecological perspective
  • Receipt of a specific recommendation for action for the further procedure, taking the risks into account


Tender Submission Process

  • Service level agreements (SLAs) for all types of services
  • New and complete contractual framework with clearly defined interaction rules
  • Transparency of costs and streamlining of range of products



Individual services

  • Development of possible solutions in the framework of the operating concept and the future logistics
  • Implementation of the tender submission process for the provision of textile management and associated services
  • Planning of measures in connection with the closure of the laundry, such as winding down the machine pool, dismantling of equipment and development of the necessary infrastructure for the new operating concept, including cost calculation
  • Support in change management and implementation processes

Business Case

  • Analysis of current status
  • Development of various models
  • Estimate of costs for investment and operation
  • Evaluation of variants

Tender Submission Process

  • Review of the existing data
  • Development of tender documents
  • Workshop on detailed definition of services
  • Management of tender submission process
  • Support during implementation


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Hospital Center Biel

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