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CSS Insurance, Client Service Center, Root near Lucerne in Switzerland

CSS Insurance introduced a new workplace strategy for the employees in its client service centers. Drees & Sommer Switzerland cooperated in the development of this strategy when the project began in 2017, and then planed and designed the first pilot project and supported its implementation with change management. The activity-based workplace concept was implemented on a floor area of 3,600 m2. The central element of the building is the light-flooded cafeteria with a connecting staircase between the first and second floor to encourage interaction and communication between employees. The central areas of the working complex have an active leisure break room, a room for creative working, a training room and open meeting zones. The workplaces along the façade form team areas which are separated by small communication, focus and relaxation rooms.


Added Value

  • Organization of a user demand analysis and development of a workplace strategy
  • Planning implementation and design concept
  • Change management-based project support



Project data


CSS Insurance

Project term:

2017 – 2020



Individual Services

  • User demand analysis
  • Structural layout
  • Planning, color and materials concept
  • Change management



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