Industry - 100 PERCENT BEHIND 4.0

The German government’s ‘Industrie 4.0’ initiative is increasing competitive pressures for industrial enterprises. Drees & Sommer assists these companies with customized solutions –  and we also welcome non-mainstream projects.

Industrial enterprises have always been part of Drees & Sommer’s clientele, and the most recent developments harbor enormous potential for the company. The approach and requirements depend largely on the size and type of the company. Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have different priorities to corporate groups and family-managed businesses. But they all have one thing in common: the need for consultation on processes, real estate, facility management and energy. And the team of experts for the industrial sector can meet these requirements in full. Expertise in strategic process consulting, real estate consulting, as well as project management, facility management and engineering – all from a single source – and condensed in the form of integrated location consulting.

Close proximity instead of long lines

The stove can be located on the first floor and the refrigerator next to the shower cabinet on the ground floor… No planner would consider ideas like these for a second when building an apartment – the paths and processes are so obvious that you don’t need to think about what goes where. But things are very different in the manufacturing industry: Each factory has different machines, specific processes and its own space requirements – and these can vary as much as the products they produce. So with construction projects, detailed needs analysis is crucial for productivity at a later stage.

The process consultants from Drees & Sommer handle this with their service package ‘Needs analysis and ideal layout for a plant structure’. Within three to six weeks, they establish the client requirements and stabilize the subsequent planning and execution stages, thus ensuring that planning matches client requirements precisely. The number of queries is also reduced, and duplicate planning and planning errors are eliminated and waiting times cut. Matching planning exactly to requirements can often bring reductions in space requirements – experience shows savings of up to 30 percent – along with a cut in time and cost for the construction and operational phases. You are in the acquisition stage of an industrial project and would like to know more about how our experts advise clients before actual planning begins, please contact Christian Bücker the expert for plant structure planning.