Whether you are an intern, a career starter, or experienced professional: If you are open and dynamic, want to be part of a great organization and to drive things forward, come and join us! The prospects for growth are promising and exciting tasks await both nationally and internationally.

Have you found an exciting job vacancy? Then please use our online application system. Please note: We would like to get as complete an impression of you as possible from the outset. You can help by providing a complete set of application documents. This includes:
- Cover letter
- Resumé as a bullet list
- Copies of all relevant certificates (last high school qualification, tertiary education, employment references, internship testimonials, continuing education, etc.) in the same sequence as your resumé

If there currently is no suitable vacancy for you, you can still submit a speculative application, indicating your area of expertise and your preferred location. You can also submit an unsolicited application via our online application system.

If you have questions about your Drees & Sommer job application, please see our FAQs or feel free to contact us direct. See the relevant job ad for contact details.



Frequently asked questions

Questions & Answers

How do I apply for a position with Drees & Sommer?
To be considered for any position at Drees & Sommer it is required that you apply to a specific position and complete the online application by visiting https://www.dreso.com/en/career/recruiting/, click "My Account Options" at the top of the page, and click "Edit" next to each section you would like to modify.
To apply online:
• Click ‘Apply’ at the top right of the page and ‘Search Jobs” from the drop down menu.
• You will have the option to search a specific Job Number or search for jobs by location, Job Field, Job Type or Key Word, and also select a Language.
• From here the prompts will guide you through the online application process.
If you have not found a suitable vacancy from among our current job vacancies, you are welcome to submit a unsolicited application.

What do I have to include with my application?

  • A cover letter that outlines why you wish to work for us, in what area, and your availability date
  • a tabular CV
  • your contact information with telephone number and e-mail address
  • relevant reports, such as:most recent report card, copy of university diploma, reference letters from internships, reference letters from previous employers, relevant continuing education certificates

What formats and file sizes can be used for attachments?
Please attach documents to your e-mail application as PDF files. Please send a maximum of three files totalling no more than 10 MB.

How do I know whether a position advertised on the internet is still open or has been filled?
Our job openings are continually updated. Therefore openings advertised on the internet are still vacant.

How do I know if my application has been received?
We will confirm receipt of your application by e-mail or post within two days. Therefore please ensure that you include your e-mail address even if your application has been sent by post.

What is the recruitment process?
The recruitment process generally consists of three steps:

  • Telephone interview with the applicant
  • First in-person interview
  • Second in-person interview or Assessment Center

How long does the recruitment process take?
Information regarding the receipt of your application will be forwarded to you within the first two days. The duration of the recruitment process can vary. We always endeavour to inform applicants as promptly as possible.

Who do I contact regarding the status of my application?
You can reach us by phone:  +49 711 1317 1333

What will my e-mail address be used for?
We will use the e-mail address you have provided for all application-related correspondence. Please keep in mind that anyone able to access your e-mail inbox will also be able to view your application process.

How long will Drees & Sommer store my application documents?
Your application documents will be treated in confidence and will only be used for the purpose of your application. Your personal information is only made accessible as part of the recruitment process to all participating and authorised persons. Your information and documents will be filed for a period of six months after the position has been filled.

I am interested in several job adverts or locations. Do I have to send in multiple applications?
Please make sure you include this information in your cover letter. In that case, one application will be sufficient. We will add your application data to our centralised personnel system and will forward the application documents to the right contact person.

Can I write my Bachelor or Master final paper in cooperation with Drees & Sommer?
Yes, as long as the topic is related to the Drees & Sommer performance spectrum. In your application, please indicate a topic or topic area that you would like to work on. Also indicate the time period during which you wish to work on this topic or topic area. We will then see if your request can be accommodated.

How long in advance do I have to apply for an internship or a Bachelor / Master final paper?
To ensure that your application can be reviewed properly, you should send in your application approximately 12 weeks before the requested start date. Please also include information on your preferred Drees & Sommer locations and the assignment period.

How long are Drees & Sommer internships?
You should plan for an internship period of at least 12 weeks to ensure that you can obtain as much knowledge as possible about as many topics as possible. A longer period is always better, since this will allow you to spend even more time on your particular topic area.

Does Drees & Sommer also offer opportunities for student trainees?
Drees & Sommer also assigns spots for student trainees. Ideally, you have already completed an internship with us and are already familiar with the company, topics, structure and tasks.

Does Drees & Sommer also offer internships abroad?
International internships can be completed at larger Drees & Sommer locations abroad. Internship openings are published on our home page in the Careers section.

What is the application deadline for training spots and studies at the DHBW?
The selection process for apprentices and for studies at the DHBW takes place approximately ten months before the start of the training/studies. The application period generally runs between the months of June to September. Please apply one year before the requested training start date.