Every employee is a knowledge manager

Acquiring, imparting and networking knowledge – a topic that has fascinated humanity since antiquity. And it is more relevant in the age of digitization than ever before. Farid Reha, Project Partner in Frankfurt, has been examining knowledge management at Drees & Sommer for quite some time. His focus as a member of a competence team in Frankfurt is how we can better structure and document knowledge after the completion of a project, and pass it on to new colleagues. He chose knowledge management as the topic for his thesis in the master’s distance learning course ‘Economics and Management’. First, he considered education and knowledge in its historical context. Then he looks at megatrends such as globalization, demographics, technology, networking and digitization and, based on this, developed approaches and strategic concepts for companies.

He was surprised what a huge positive impact good knowledge management has. “It's amazing what companies can achieve simply by making very minor changes, for example by establishing a culture of feedback and talent management,” says Farid Reha. In particular, it is important that ideas are not thwarted. Overall, the topic has to be given greater priority – and raised to the strategic level.
He also won new insights into knowledge management at Drees & Sommer: “We have many great tools, but we still need to network them better,” he says. Paco, (see page 19) the overarching project platform will be an important milestone. The bottom line: “Knowledge management concerns everyone. It is not simply an IT issue.”