First Höfli-Fäscht in the Aemtlerstrasse in Zurich

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The historical building from the outside

Apéritif and Networking


Inner yard with food and drink trucks

Workaround Game

In February, Drees & Sommer relocated its Swiss headquarters within Zurich - project managers, engineers and consultants work now in the historic building at Aemtlerstrasse 201. Everything new for the employees: innovative and flexible workplaces, creative and contact zones and above all a bright, friendly ambience surrounded by green fields. On the occasion of the restart, the host organised a "Höfli-Fäscht" on 8 May - Partners of Drees & Sommer already know this event from the Basel location.

The management around Jürgen M. Volm welcomed around 100 guests. In his short speech, Volm naturally addressed the new location and encouraged all visitors to get to know the rooms of Drees & Sommer and to experience the spirit at Aemtlerstrasse 201.

The guests' conclusion at the subsequent aperitif was consistently positive. Many of the professionals from the real estate and construction sector were impressed by how new forms of work and the use of space can be implemented in a historic property. One of the attendees remarked: "Drees & Sommer shows how teamwork can be organised flexibly. Anyone who has the idea explained to them knows about the competence of the consulting company". Of course, the "AE201" project and the conversion of old buildings were extensively discussed - with good wines and delicious food from the legendary food trucks in the courtyard.

To learn more about the working world of tomorrow, the host offered all participants the chance to take part in the simulation game "Workaround": In teams, new mobile-flexible work situations are simulated and tasks are solved. With the help of game scenes, a change process is initiated and new forms for the office etiquette are created. Reservations against changes through new work models can thus be reduced. This is also an insight from the exemplary change management that Drees & Sommer carried out for the new headquarters. In line with the motto "We walk the talk", all employees were informed and questioned from the outset about planning and reorganization and involved in design processes. Tip: "Workaround" is also offered to customers by Drees & Sommer as part of change projects. 

You can read more about the new headquarters and the room concept here

We are looking forward to the Höfli-Fäscht 3.0 on 22 May in Basel.