Topping-out ceremony for the BIM project Felix Platter Hospital in Basel

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Following a test phase, the new Felix Platter Hospital is scheduled to be admitting its first patients from March 2019.

The principal, Dr. J. Nyfeler/ CEO, thanks the tradespeople for their hard work and commitment.

The construction of the new Felix Platter Hospital in Basel is advancing. On March 31, 2017 the topping-out ceremony for the new building took place. It is designed to replace the aging established building from March 2019, while at the same time consolidating all medical and therapeutic services for seniors in the region under one roof.In order to successfully tackle the complex project with its wide-ranging demands, the principal specified the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) from the outset. Drees & Sommer has been supporting the project as Project & Information Manager since 2014.


“The construction of the new Felix Platter Hospital shows how the principal can benefit from BIM planning. For example, information from the planning stage is available during later operation,” explains Florian Schrenk, Project Partner at Drees & Sommer and responsible for the project. BIM allows smart integration and use of all necessary data across all project phases. The use of BIM for design submissions was a key requirement during the competition phase. After completion of the building, the information will be transferred to facility management, where it will be continuously maintained. The project has already won the international buildingSMART award in the ‘Operation and Maintenance using Open Technology’ category for its innovative approach.

As Project & Information Manager, Drees & Sommer is responsible for data management, schedule and cost controlling, technical project control, and quality assurance. The team also includes engineering and healthcare experts. Since autumn 2016, the international project management and consulting company has been authorized by the principal to assume responsibility for overall project management with the aim of ensuring completion of the project within schedule and budget and to the specified quality.