Facility Management Survey: May hospitals benefit from changing their operator models?


What are the inherent risks and opportunities for hospitals that outsource FM services? Is it cost effective to outsource these services to third party providers? Drees & Sommer recently conducted its first survey of the FM management in charge of 23 clinics to answer these and other questions

The survey focused on the industry status quo and trends. The individuals in charge of FM at 23 hospitals, 70 percent of them publicly funded, responded to an online survey and expert interviews to clarify how hospitals do currently organize these responsibilities and what their concerns are if they use third party providers. The survey focused only on the four most common FM operator models – individual commissioning, partially bundled commissioning, the general contractor model and the service enterprise. The overall result: It may be worthwhile for hospitals that commission third parties to handle their facility management (FM) to review their current in-house and third party strategy. A switch to a different operator model may, for instance, reduce the costs as well as the operator risks in the field of hygiene, system availability or statutory operator responsibility.

For more information on the survey conducted by Drees & Sommer please Download this file.