Drees & Sommer ranks in the Top 100 employers for future engineers in Germany

The representative study surveyed 52,000 graduates – including 12,000 engineers – from 196 German universities. In addition to their employers of choice, respondents could state their career plans and expectations. In the category ‘Engineers’, Drees & Sommer – as a new entry – came straight in a place 45 out of 100.

The company pulls out all the stops to attract young talent – from participation in career fairs to inviting graduates to lectures, workshops and guided tours of construction sites. With the ‘High Flyers’ student and intern loyalty program, the company supports young talent, acting as their mentor during their internship, with the aim of later attracting them to join the company directly. In addition, some 70 of the company’s employees lecture at Germany universities and other institutes of tertiary education, further enhancing the positive image of Drees & Sommer. Staff development also plays an important role for the company, which was originally founded by professors.

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