Innovation in roadbuilding: SmartSite enables the intelligent management of construction machinery

Beim Final Demonstrator werden die Ergebnisse des SmartSite-Projekts anhand einer realen Baustelle zwischen Sielmingen und Wolfschlugen live präsentiert.

The SmartSite project, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), is on the home straight. Guests will get to experience the results of the research project on an actual construction site at the “Final Demonstrator” on 21 and 22 September 2016. The event in Filderstadt will feature a presentation of how autonomous construction machines can be intelligently controlled and can interact with each other thanks to a cloud-based solution. The research project received a EUR 3 million subsidy from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and is part of the Autonomik 4.0 programme.

The SmartSite research consortium has been working flat out over the last three years. Other participants in the project besides Drees & Sommer included Ammann Verdichtung GmbH, ceapoint aec technologies GmbH, Ed. Züblin AG, the University of Hohenheim and Topcon Deutschland positioning GmbH. Their shared aim was to improve the quality of asphalt roadbuilding while reducing construction times. To this end, the specialists developed a cloud-based platform that enables autonomous construction machinery and equipment to be controlled intelligently. It not only creates transparency for all those involved but also increases process quality and speeds up processes on the construction site. The consortium partners will be demonstrating how this works exactly on an actual construction site. It will involve renewing part of state highway L1205 between Sielmingen and Wolfschlugen. Guests at the event will experience the entire construction site process at four different points – from asphalt preparation and logistics to laying and compacting.

The results from SmartSite will be applied in a number of projects from next year onwards and will be of particular benefit to roadbuilding and machine engineering companies. The cloud-based solution will help them to plan construction projects and to respond faster to disruptions and changes, since users will be able to monitor and control the entire process from the asphalt mixing plant and transportation to processing by the individual construction machines from end to end.