Automotive supplier Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (BHTC) expanding in Mexico

Currently BHTC, the leading manufacturer of climate control and thermal management, is searching for a suitable site in Mexico. To ensure implementation of optimal processes at the planned factory site, the company has commissioned Drees & Sommer process consultants to undertake factory structuring and planning.

In future, BHTC wants to supply more German automobile manufacturers on the American continent with climate control devices. The products are to be manufactured at a new production site in Mexico from early 2016.

To ensure that planning builds on optimal processes, the company has brought Drees & Sommer business process consultants, project managers and engineering experts on board for the project. In the course of several workshops, the team analyzed the structure, requirements, and processes of future production and developed a suitable factory structure and in-house logistics concept on this basis. Drees & Sommer used this information to estimate the cost of the overall project and to undertake scheduling.