Foundation stone laid for Medical Valley Center

The new building in Forchheim was designed by the Ludwigsburg architectural firm agn

Foundation stone laid for new Medical Valley Center in Forchheim, Franconia on May 11, 2015.

The Medical Valley Center in Forchheim, Franconia is a new innovation center and business incubator. The modern complex of buildings with flexible room structure is designed to attract young, fast-growing companies to settle in Forchheim and further bolster the economic strength and innovativeness of the region’s health sector. The successful Valley Medical Center in Erlangen serves as a model for the new center.

The Free State of Bavaria is subsidizing the project as part of its ‘Digital Bavaria’ economic strategy by paying the entire construction cost of €10 million. Drees & Sommer was commissioned to undertake project control. The Stuttgart-based company is supporting the principal, Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH, throughout the project and undertaking control of costs, schedule and quality.

With a gross floor area of over 4,800 square meters, the four-story innovation center will offer plenty of space for medical development and research facilities. In addition to office units of variable size, some as small as 11 square meters, planning provides for function rooms, a cafeteria, and 100 parking spaces. In the long term, the Medical Valley Center, which is scheduled for completion in mid 2016, will create 120 new jobs.