High School Students

High School Students

National Future Day

National Future Day aims to facilitate open, non-gender-specific career planning for schoolchildren. Drees & Sommer joins other firms in opening its doors on National Future Day in support of this initiative.

Boys and girls from the fifth through seventh grades are invited to accompany a caregiver to work or take part in interesting special projects. In line with the slogan Swapping Sides, they explore non-gender-stereotypical occupations, areas of work, and careers, showing them that all sorts of opportunities are open to them. Based on past experience, this is not only great fun for the children: our staff also thoroughly enjoys organizing an interesting project day.

For more information about the project, please visit www.nationalerzukunftstag.ch

Internships for school students

Not sure what to do after school? Or do you already have an idea and want to try out your talents in one of our divisions? Drees & Sommer offers various internship opportunities for high school students, for example as part of the high school vocational orientation program, but also for all other types of school. As a school student you can complete your pre-study internship with us for degree courses in the fields of construction, project management, industrial engineering, utilities engineering and energy management.

Deadline for applications – High school students interested in a pre-study internship can apply at any time and check us out during a multi-week internship in various divisions, such as energy design and infrastructure management. Simply click on ‘Enter speculative application’ in our jobs portal and send in your application.

Student internships are also possible in central areas such as in Accounting, HR, IT and Marketing. Here you learn the processes in Human Resources, how to post invoices, help Marketing with an event, or work with IT on the development of new software. You can also undertake a technical student internship in Project Management, Real Estate Consulting, Engineering, Development Management and Infrastructure Consulting and get to know what our project managers’ working days look like.


Do you want to start your career with a training course? Then send us your application. We award trainee positions with a commercial and technical focus every year.

Training with commercial focus

Are you good at organizing? Do you enjoy written and oral communication? Do you enjoy working in a team? Then an apprenticeship in office management could be the right thing for you. Drees & Sommer offers these apprenticeships with a focus on commercial management and control, as well as secretarial work and personal assistant training. In collaboration with the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Drees & Sommer offers two three-year apprenticeship positions each year.

Our apprentices rotate through various areas of the company, including Financial Accounting, Accounting, IT, Administration, Purchasing, Marketing and Human Resources. During your training, you experience many different tasks such as how to post invoices, order office materials, organize business trips and prepare for and follow up on meetings. 

You spend about four days a week on-site with us and the rest of the time at vocational school, where you learn the basics that you put to practical use with us in everyday work. To qualify for the apprenticeship, you need a general certificate of secondary education, a high school diploma or a subject-related university entrance qualification.

Training with technical focus

Or are you more interested in technology? If so, perhaps becoming a technical system planner specializing in supply and equipment technology is more your thing. During this apprenticeship, you learn how to prepare technical drawings based on performance specifications from engineers and models for the production and assembly of building services plant and equipment.

You will learn to prepare installation plans and diagrams of supply technology plant and equipment in the areas of heating, ventilation and plumbing. In the course of your training you will work increasingly independently, supporting the project team with design and organizational tasks. During your training you will have the opportunity to see first-hand how a building takes shape – from the first sketch to occupation by the users. You do not only work at a desk, but also out on the building site.

You go to vocational school for several weeks at a time for full-time block instruction. You then put the knowledge gained at vocational school to practical use with us in the company. To qualify for the apprenticeship, you need a general certificate of secondary education or a general or subject-related university entrance qualification (such as GCE A Levels). The apprenticeship lasts for 3.5 years.

Deadline for applications

Training courses start on August 15 of each odd year. Make sure you apply in plenty of time and submit all the relevant documentscover letter, résumé, and referencesvia our jobs portal.